This is an Iridium Go! PRE-Paid voucher, which will last for 12 Months from activation.

There is an included 30,000 units on the SIM, see use chart below.

It can be added to a YangoSat supplied SIM either by yourselves, or we can do it for you, let us know when you order it.

If this is your first order, we will supply a SIM to you for FREE, you just pay the postage!

We will not activate the virtual voucher to your SIM until you tell us you have received it.

Usage Charges Unit
Iridium -> PSTN per minute 60
Iridium -> Iridium per minute 30
Iridium -> Voicemail per minute 30
Iridium -> Other Satellite per minute 540
Iridium -> Direct Internet per minute 60
Iridium -> DI GO! Data per minute 60
Mobile Originated SMS per message 10
Mobile Terminate Iridium (Two Stage) per minute 60


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