Iridium Go! plus Fixed Marine Kit

An awesome Satcom. The fixed installation kit allows a user to put the Iridium Go! inside at the chart table, or wherever convenient, without losing signal strength due to blockages from deck and other physical obstructions. Able to just ‘pop up’ and become a hotspot, allowing you to use your phone to make calls, get weather, email Send tracking updates and lots more…

$1 695.00

The Iridium Go! WITH Marine Kit

One of the most versatile Satcom hotspots available.

Iridium GO!® provides global voice calling and text messaging solutions for your smartphone, as well as enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized apps to meet your unique needs.

No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch wherever you are, whenever you need, with the devices you rely on everyday.

Whats in the Box...

  • Iridium GO!
  • Internal removable battery - 3600mAh
  • AC charger with 4 international plug adapters
  • DC adapter
  • Micro USB cable for chargins / firmware upgrades
  • Protective plastic cover

Iridium Marine Kit is a passive antenna that can be mounted on bimini frame, handrail or somewhere suitable


  • AD510-1 Passive Fixed Mast Ruggedised Antenna c/w mounting bracket
  • GO! Antenna adapter
  • 10-meter antenna cable

A FREE Iridium Go! SIM is supplied with the unit, please advise if you need PrePaid or Post Paid, use the comments to specify or drop us an email Contact Us

Additional information

Weight 6.55 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 32 cm
Iridium Go!
Iridium Go!
Iridium Go!

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