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Iridium Go! Fixed Marine Kit


The fixed installation kit allows a user to put the Iridium Go! inside at the chart table, or wherever convenient, without losing signal strength due to blockages from deck and other physical obstructions. Able to just ‘pop up’ and become a hotspot, allowing you to use your phone to make calls, get weather, email Send tracking updates and lots more…

Live Aboard Bundle

$135.00 / month

A Fixed Marine Kit with an iridium Go provides the infrastructure required.

An amazing 12 month airtime bundle of UNLIMITED DATA, UNLIMITED SMS and 150 Minutes of Voice PER MONTH, all through the authorised built in or approved apps.

Also Included is FREE YangoTrack Basic map tracking and inline Blog posting. Keep family and friends advised of where you are, and HOW you are! UPGRADED TO STANDARD FOR FREE FOR FIRST 12 MONTHS!

All billed through paypal on a monthly subscription, with itemised billing for any costs from non-authorised connections or excess voice.

You will be billed for the hardware and first 2 months on purchase, an initial amount of US$1495, followed by 10 monthly payments of US$135.00 per month plus any excess traffic where applicable, Total Price US$2845.